ServicesTasks is a services marketplace in Nigeria that connects you with freelancers, taskers, artisans and service providers in Nigeria who are reliable and affordable on SetvicesTasks lets you provide and find freelance services, tasks, artisan services and other on-demand services.

At ServicesTasks, we help you save time and money on services and tasks and live smarter by conveniently connecting you with reliable and affordable freelancers, taskers artisans and service providers in Nigeria.

On the other hand, ServicesTasks lets you make money in Nigeria with your skills, talents and services through freelance jobs, micro jobs, artisan jobs and services. Thus, ServicesTasks is a service marketplace in Nigeria that lets you request, buy and sell services by posting services you want provided, services you provide, tasks you want done, tasks you can do or tasks you can be hired for either online or offline.

On our secured and responsive website, we offer escrow service for digital services and some offline services(based on demand) to protect service seekers and service providers without compromising excellent customer service.

In our quest to help users have access to customers and service providers, ServicesTasks was created as a product of Edeki Multipurpose Company Ltd(RC 1417139), a company duly registered in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

ServicesTasks Vision
Our vision is to be the most convenient, reliable and affordable freelance, task, artisan and services marketplace in Nigeria and Africa.

ServicesTasks Mission
Our mission is to leverage on technology and innovation to reduce unemployment/underemployment, increase productivity and promote decent work and economic growth in our quest for a service-driven economic diversification.

ServicesTasks Core Values
Our core values are convenience, reliability, affordability, integrity, professionalism, teamwork and excellent customer service.

Services and Tasks That Can be Provided, Done or Requested on ServicesTasks.
Freelance services offered by freelancers on are web design by web designers, web development by web developers, mobile app development by mobile app developers, graphic design by graphic designers, digital marketing by digital marketers, research by researchers, writing by writers, editing by editors, proofreading by proofreaders, translation by translators, transcription by transcribers, consultancy services by consultants, etc.

Tasks offered by taskers on are cleaning services by cleaners, washing services by washers, fumigation services by fumigators, landscaping by landscapers, decoration services by decorators, errand services by errand runners, printing by printers, etc.

Artisan services offered by artisans on are plumbing by plumbers, painting by painters, tiling by tilers, electrical services by electricians, repair services by repairers, installation and maintenance services by installers and maintainers, carpentry by carpenters, welding and fabrication by welders and fabricators, automotive services by mechanics, auto technicians, vulcanizers and others, fashion design by fashion designers, hairdressing by hairdressers, barbing by barbers, aluminum works by aluminum workers, leather works by leather workers, artworks by artists, bead making by bead makers, etc.

Business servicess on are business plan writing by business plan writers, business proposal writing by business proposal writers, market research by market researchers, marketing plan writing by marketing plan writers, business name and company registration, accounting by accountants, bookkeeping by bookkeepers, auditing by auditors, tax services by tax service providers, etc.

Education, training and seminar services on are tutoring, entrepreneurial training, technical and vocational skills acquisition training, seminars, etc.

Event services on offered by event service providers are event planning by event planners, event management by event managers, event rental services, MCs(master of ceremonies), DJs(disc jockeys), orators, ushers, catering and confectionery, etc.

Real estate services on are services provided by real estate agents, interior design by interior designers, architecture by architects, surveying by surveyors, etc.

Rental services by rental service providers on are event rental services, auto rental services, building and construction rental services, etc.

Transport and logistics services by transport and logistics service providers on are on-demand courier services, pick up and delivery services, moving and packing services, charter services, haulage services, etc.

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