Learn about e-commerce in Nigeria for Services or e-commerce for services in Nigeria that lets you buy and sell services in Nigeria electronically.

E-commerce in Nigeria for services, ecommerce for services in Nigeria, buy and sell services in Nigeria

The buying and selling of services in Nigeria is made possible with the help of the internet hence it can be referred to as eCommerce in Nigeria for services. Through internet enabled devices(computers, tablets or smartphones), people can make use of service-based e-commerce websites in Nigeria or mobile applications for such websites in finding and providing services in Nigeria.

Ecommerce in Nigeria for services or ecommerce for services in Nigeria has come to stay owing to the high internet penetration. Besides, more Nigerians are fast embracing the use of the internet to provide services in Nigeria or find service providers in Nigeria.

Generally, e-commerce involves buying and selling of products as well as services through electronic media. It is not uncommon to hear services being referred to as products. It all depends on the context. Simply put, e-commerce goes beyond just buying and selling of products being that services can as well be bought and sold online. Unlike products which are tangible, services are intangible in that people can either provide services, book services or hire services.

Classification of E-commerce.
E-commerce can be classified as follows.
1. Service-based e-commerce(e-commerce for services)
2. Product-based e-commerce(e-commerce for products)
3. Hybrid e-commerce(e-commerce for products and services).

Roles of Banks, Fintech Startups and Insurance Companies in E-commerce.
Banks and fintech startups play major roles as far e-commerce for services is concerned. This is because they handle financial transactions between service seekers and service providers. The same can be said of insurance companies which help minimize risks by providing customized insurance for service-based e-commerce platforms where and when necessary.

Buying and Selling Services.
Services can be sought, requested, bought and sold online but provided online, offline or both depending on the type of service. This of course form the basis for requesting, buying and selling services. Thus, a service-based e-commerce website in Nigeria can facilitate transactions for online services and offline services.

Nigeria Digital Economy.
Reports have it that it is estimated that the digital economy in Nigeria will generate $88 billion and create three(3) million jobs in Nigeria for Nigerians before the end of 2021. Whether realistic or not, what is important is that the Nigerian digital economy is promising if given all the necessary attention for success through effective planning and execution. Outsourcing of services and tasks be it freelance services, artisan services and other types of on-demand services that directly or indirectly make use of digital technology makes up the digital economy of Nigeria.

How Service E-commerce in Nigeria Operates.
This cuts across different aspects of the Nigeria service industry- formal and informal services. Thus an e-commerce in Nigeria for services can be one of or combination of any of the following.

1. Customer to customer(C2C): This is where you can either buy or sell services as an individual.

2. Business to customer(B2C): In this type of operation, businesses provide or sell services to customers which could be individuals and businesses.

3. Business to business(B2B): As the name suggests, it involves businesses providing or selling services to other businesses.

Types of E-commerce in Nigeria for Services.
Typical e-commerce for services in Nigeria are as follows.
1. Freelance marketplace in Nigeria which connects customers in need of freelance services with freelancers in Nigeria who are in need of freelance jobs irrespective of location or those looking for freelance jobs in Nigeria.

2. Task Marketplace in Nigeria which connects customers who want their tasks done with taskers in Nigeria who can do their tasks as well as those looking for micro jobs in Nigeria.

3. Artisan Marketplace in Nigeria which connects customers who are in need of artisan services in Nigeria with artisans in Nigeria looking for artisan jobs in Nigeria.

4. Other type of Service Marketplace in Nigeria.

How E-commerce in Nigeria for Services Works.
Service-based e-commerce businesses in Nigeria or globally works differently. This is as result of different factors ranging from different business models and software used to whether it serves a particular target market or combine two or more service industries. An e-commerce service business in Nigeria and the world over can directly sell services to customers through its personal website or make use of service marketplace which connects service providers with customers in need of services.

For example, a fast growing service-based ecommerce platform like ServicesTasks works as follows.
1. Signing up on ServicesTasks
2. Posting services you provide, services you want provided, tasks you want done, tasks you can do or tasks you can be hired for.
3. Customers paying for services and tasks and service providers getting paid for services provided, tasks done or tasks hired for.

E commerce in Nigeria for services is very promising owing to a number of factors despite some challenges faced by ecommerce businesses in Nigeria. E-commerce in Nigeria keeps evolving even though e commerce for services in Nigeria isn’t as popular as e commerce for products.

Example of E-commerce in Nigeria for Services.
ServicesTasks is an e-commerce in Nigeria for services. ServicesTasks is a fast growing, convenient, reliable and affordable services marketplace in Nigeria that connects customers with reliable and affordable freelancers, taskers, artisans and service providers in Nigeria who can monetize skills, talents and services. By simply signing up on ServicesTasks, you can request, buy and sell services in Nigeria.

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