How ServicesTasks Works
This is how ServicesTasks works for service seekers and service providers using New users can simply register on ServicesTasks for free or existing users can login.
1. Service seeker post tasks, chores and projects that should be done or services needed using detailed description, stating a proposed budget and uploading a relevant image.

2. Service providers bid or send proposals for the tasks, chores, projects or services.

N.B: You can choose a different bid which can be lower or higher than the budget. By clicking the submit offer button, you will commit to do the task or provide the service if chosen as the winner by the service seeker and also you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

3. Service seeker personally and manually choose a service provider as the winner or make use of ServicesTasks paid recommendation service(by contacting us) if s/he isn’t too sure of the right service provider.

4. Service providers can also post tasks they can do or services they offer at fixed prices for service seekers to buy such services directly.

N.B: For quality assurance sake, all services and tasks posted by users are manually reviewed by ServicesTasks before publishing.

5. Service providers and service seekers use ServicesTasks private messaging system to discuss more about the task, chore, project or service which is monitored and moderated by ServicesTasks. Digital files can be exchanged through ServicesTasks private messaging system before, during and after service completion.

6. Especially for digital services(services that can be done and delivered online), service seeker makes payment to his/her ServicesTasks e-wallet by depositing real money that can be converted into virtual cash and site credits for ServicesTasks escrow that protect both service seeker and service provider or for direct payment for service.

N.B: To make/request payments just login and go to “My Account” and click “Payments”. After making/requesting payments, contact us(email or text) telling us your full name and ServicesTasks username to enable us credit your account after confirmation of payments or services/tasks provision/completion.

7. ServicesTasks releases payment to service provider(under the instruction of service seeker or request of the service provider subject to the service seeker’s confirmation of service completion, delivery and satisfaction) after deducting all necessary fees.

8. Disputes(should there be any) between service seeker and service provider are resolved by following ServicesTasks dispute resolution procedure as outlined in ServicesTasks Terms of Service.

9. Both service provider and service seeker rate themselves.

NOTE: Although ServicesTasks escrow service is mainly for digital services for now, however offline service seekers and service providers may opt to use ServicesTasks escrow service if they so wish otherwise they have to immediately pay us a negotiable percentage of the cost of the offline service they want to provide after winning a bid or category-based commission of 10-20% of their listed services for sale that service seekers buy directly as a “pay-as-you-go connection fee” by contacting us or simply buying any ServicesTasks subscription packages.

ServicesTasks Fees or ServicesTasks Pricing
Although registration, listing services or requesting for services on is free, however ServicesTasks offers flexible pricing for users to enable us meet up with some of our administrative costs and to serve you better.

Below are ServicesTasks pricing or fees.
1. Digital service providers receive 80% of the funds for services that can be done online and delivered online or offline.

2. Offline service providers pay 10-20% category-based commission of the cost of the service as a “pay-as-you-go connection fee” by contacting us after winning a bid.

3. Offline service providers pay 10-20% category-based commission of the service they listed for sale that service seekers buy directly.

4. Offline service providers can buy any ServicesTasks subscription packages by contacting us.

5. Some categories like “Contracts and Contractors”, “Supplies and Suppliers”, etc are strictly negotiable commission. Thus, you will have to contact us for commission negotiation if you win a bid or proposal for these categories.

6. Service seekers pay ServicesTasks a negotiable amount as a “recommendation fee” to enable ServicesTasks recommend a service provider for them where they are not too sure of the right service provider for their task, chore, project or service where necessary by contacting us.

7. Service providers can contact us for pricing to get their services and tasks featured on:
i. Homepage header, side bars or footer.
ii. Above contents or below contents of posted services, tasks or blog.
iii. Categories.
Featured ads are for specific duration for better exposure of your tasks and services so as to increase your sales.

ServicesTasks Frequently Asked Questions(ServicesTasks FAQs).
Some of the questions and answers about ServicesTasks which will be updated from time to time are as follows.
What is ServicesTasks?
A freelance, task, artisan and services marketplace in Nigeria to request, buy and sell services in Nigeria.

Who can use ServicesTasks?
Service providers(freelancers, taskers, artisans and other service providers in Nigeria) and service seekers(individuals, businesses or organizations).

Why ServicesTasks?
ServiceTasks lets customers save time and money on services and tasks and live smarter by conveniently connecting customers with reliable and affordable freelancers, taskers, artisans and service providers in Nigeria who on the other hand can make money with their skills, talents and services through freelance jobs, micro jobs, artisan jobs and services.

What type of services and tasks can be requested, done or provided on

Freelance services, tasks, artisan services and other services.

How to get started on ServicesTasks?
Register on ServicesTasks for free now to request, buy and sell services.

Advice and Safety Tips for ServicesTasks Users
Find below some pieces of advice and safety tips for users of ServicesTasks.
1. Ensure that you update your profile and get verified as a service provider.

2. Ensure that you make use of ServicesTasks escrow service especially as digital service providers and service seekers.

3. Build, maintain and improve your reputation as service providers by not promising more than you can deliver in stipulated times to avoid negative reviews from service seekers.

4. Use your discretion in choosing bid winners for your tasks, chores or projects and the services you need if you decide not to use ServicesTasks’ recommendation service. Cheap doesn’t make any service of lesser quality neither does expensive guarantee quality service. Always consider convenience, reliability and affordability in your choices.

5. Always make use of only ServicesTasks private messaging system which is monitored and moderated by us. Doing this will help all parties in dispute resolution(should any arise).

6. Help make ServicesTasks better to enable us serve you better through your feedback(complaints, criticisms, suggestions, testimonials and recommendations) by contacting us. We are committed to meet and/or exceed your expectations.

What You Can/Should Do For ServicesTasks.
Please, refer service providers and service seekers(individuals, businesses or organizations) that will find our platform timely, useful and beneficial to them in one way or the other to us.

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