Request, sell and buy services in Nigeria. Register on ServicesTasks now and post services and tasks. Post services you provide, services you want provided, tasks you want done, tasks you can do or tasks you can be hired for. You can request, buy and sell services in Nigeria.

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ServicesTasks is a convenient, reliable and affordable freelance, task, artisan and services marketplace in Nigeria. ServicesTasks connects you(customers) with service providers in Nigeria.

Not sure of which services you can request, buy or sell? We always got your back. We have taken our time to put forward detailed articles or guides to help you get started. Existing and new users of our marketplace for services and tasks will find these guides or articles useful. Moreover, we are always ready and available to get you started on ServicesTasks marketplace. Regardless of whether you are a service seeker or service provider in Nigeria, ServicesTasks platform is for you. Therefore, if you are not sure of the services or tasks you can request, provide or get hired for just click and read any of the following as it applies to you.

1. Buying Services in Nigeria on ServicesTasks (if you want to request and buy services from reliable and affordable service providers in Nigeria so as to save time and money on services and tasks and live smarter).

2. Selling Services in Nigeria on ServicesTasks (if you want to make money in Nigeria with your skills, talents and services by selling your services in Nigeria to local and foreign clients).

Our mission at ServicesTasks is to leverage on technology and innovation to help reduce unemployment/underemployment, increase productivity and promote decent work and economic growth.

We equally promote technical and vocational education training and learning as a means to reduce unemployment/underemployment, poverty and social vices by connecting technical and vocational education trainers in Nigeria with residents in Nigeria who are interested in acquiring technical and vocational education skills thereafter onboard them on and connect them with individuals, businesses and organizations who will need their services. Thus, ServicesTasks enable customers have access to a pool of people who possess different types of technical and vocational education skills who can monetize their skills, talents and services.

Requesting, Buying and Selling Services in Nigeria.
Requesting, buying and selling services in Nigeria just got easier, better and faster. ServicesTasks lets you request, buy and sell services in Nigeria. You can post services and tasks on ServicesTasks as service buyers(customers) and service sellers in Nigeria(freelancers in Nigeria, taskers in Nigeria, artisans in Nigeria and service providers in Nigeria).

Want to request, sell and buy services in Nigeria?. Register on ServicesTasks for free now and request for service, sell service and buy service in Nigeria easily at affordable prices from any reliable service seller in Nigeria(freelancer in Nigeria, tasker in Nigeria, artisan in Nigeria or service provider in Nigeria).

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