Learn about selling services in Nigeria and how to sell services in Nigeria on services marketplace in Nigeria as service providers in Nigeria to make money in Nigeria.

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Selling services in Nigeria on a service marketplace in Nigeria is one of the ways a service provider in Nigeria can make money in Nigeria. As service sellers in Nigeria, you can sell services in Nigeria to individuals, businesses or organizations who are in need of your services. As long you make buying services in Nigeria affordable for them, they will always patronize you.

Nigeria service industry is vast. The service industry in Nigeria comprises of formal services and informal services. Everyday, services are constantly in demand. As a service provider in Nigeria, you can provide services in Nigeria to clients. Thus, as a service seller in Nigeria, you get rewarded for your services in monetary terms.

The emergence of internet-enabled products of technology such as computers, tablets and smartphones can enable you source for clients. Even with these technological products, finding clients can be difficult. To help address this issue, services marketplace in Nigeria can connect you with clients who will not just need your services but are willing and able to pay for the services you render.

Making Money in Nigeria by Selling Services in Nigeria to Residents in Nigeria or Other Countries.
There are different types of services you can provide in Nigeria to make money. It all boils down to your skills and talents and the services you can provide or be hired for. Some of the services can be one-off or recurrent services. You can sell digital services in Nigeria as well as offline services in Nigeria by leveraging marketplace for services in Nigeria which connects you with customers within or beyond Nigeria depending on the type of services.

The services you can sell in Nigeria are as follows.
A. Freelancing Services: As a freelancer in Nigeria, you can sell freelance services in Nigeria through a freelance marketplace in Nigeria. Selling freelance services in Nigeria gives you the opportunity to monetize your freelancing skills. Thus, you can make make money in Nigeria through freelancing. Some of the freelance services you can provide or be hired for are as follows.
1. Designing Websites: As web designers, you can provide website design services.
2. Developing Websites: As web developers, you can provide web development services or develop websites.
3. Developing Mobile Applications: As mobile application developers you can provide mobile app development services or develop mobile applications.
4. Programming: As programmers you can provide programming services.
5. Graphics Designing: As graphic designers, you can provide graphic design services.
6. Digital Marketing: As digital marketers, you can provide digital marketing services.
7. Writing: As writers, you can provide writing services.
8. Editing and Proofreading: As editors and proofreaders, you can provide editing services and proofreading services.
9. Translation: As translators, you can provide translation services.
10. Transcription: As transcriptionists or transcribers, you can provide transcription services.
11. Researching: As freelance researchers, you can provide freelance research services.
l2. Consulting: As freelance consultants, you can provide consulting services for different sectors.
13. Other freelance services.

B. Tasks: As a tasker in Nigeria, you can help people do their tasks using tasks marketplace in Nigeria to find clients who outsource tasks.

You can help clients do offline and online tasks and get monetary rewards. Some of the online tasks includes the aforementioned freelance services while some of the offline tasks which taskers can do includes the following.
1. Cleaning: As cleaners you provide cleaning services(residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning or outdoor cleaning).
2. Washing: As washers you provide washing services(laundry and dry cleaning, car washing, water tank washing, etc).
3. Fumigation or Pest Control: As fumigators or pest controllers you provide fumigation services or pest control services.
4. Errand Services: As errand service providers, you run errands. Running errands for busy clients is something you can get paid for.
5. Landscaping and Gardening: As landscapers and gardeners, you provide landscaping and gardening services.
6. Well Digging and Borehole Drilling: As well diggers, you help dig wells for clients. More so, as borehole drillers you help provide borehole installation services for clients.
7. Printing and Customization: As printers and customizers, you provide printing services and customization services for clients. This can be printing of posters, handbills, banners, T-shirt printing, T-shirt customization, vehicle customization, gift items customization, etc.
8. Other tasks.

C. Artisan Services: As an artisan in Nigeria, customers are constantly in need of the artisan services you provide. Through an artisan marketplace in Nigeria, you can find artisan jobs in Nigeria.

Some of the artisan services in Nigeria you can be hired for to provide includes the following.
1. Bricklaying: As bricklayers, you can provide bricklaying services in Nigeria.
2. Plumbing: As plumbers you can provide plumbing services.
3. Tiling: As tilers you can provide tiling services.
4. Electrical Services: As electricians you can provide electrical services.
5. Carpentry: As carpenters(roofers and furniture makers) you can provide carpentry services(roofing and furniture making).
6. Painting: As painters you can provide painting services.
7. Welding and Fabrication: As welders and fabricators you can provide welding and fabrication services.
8. Repair Services: As repairers you can provide repair services. Mechanicsrepair vehicles, tricycles(keke) and bikes. Computer repairers repair computers, phone repairers repair phones, air conditioner repairers repair
air conditioners, fan repairers repair fans, generator repairers repair generators, etc.
9. Installation and Maintenance: Installers and maintainers provide installation and maintenance services which can be electrical installations and maintenance, inverter and solar installations and maintenance, CCTV installations and maintenance, car tracker installations and maintenance, swimming pool installation and maintenance, dish installation and maintenance, borehole installation and maintenance, etc.
10. Bead making: bead makers make beads for sale. Bead making trainers offer bead making training.
11. Fashion Designing/Tailoring: Fashion designers(tailors) do fashion designing(tailoring) for clients.
12. Leather Works: Leather workers(shoe makers, belt makers, bag makers) do leather works(shoe making, belt making, bag making).
13. Hairdressing and Barbing: Hairdressers do hairdressing while barbers do barbing at their salons or at clients’ location. Thus we now have mobile hairdressing in which the mobile hairdressers go to clients’ location. In the same way, mobile barbers offer mobile barbing by going to the location of clients.
14. Art Works or Art Services: Artists do different types of art works or provide art services for clients. These includes arts and crafts which are made for sale by artists and craftsmen and craftswomen.
15. Photography and Videography: As photographers and videographers you can do photography and videography for clients.
16. Artisan training: Artisan trainers offer different types of artisan training for those interested in acquiring one or more types of artisan skills.
17. Other artisan services.

Example of a Services Marketplace in Nigeria for Service Providers in Nigeria to Sell Services in Nigeria.
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