ServicesTasks Verification Service(SVS) of service providers is very important because we care about the safety, security and dealings of users(service seekers and service providers) of .

Importance of Service Providers’ Verification
Some of the importance of being verified as a service provider are:
1. You earn our trust and the trust of service seekers and so more sales.
2. We personally recommend you to service seekers.
3. Faster payment.

In adherence to our core values, we expect all service providers to upload a clear picture(portrait) of themselves on their ServicesTasks profile and get verified.

How To Get Verified on ServicesTasks.

1. Tell us your full names(as they appear in any of the documents you are to upload), ServicesTasks username, email address and mobile phone number.

2. Upload or attach proof of identification like any government-issued means of identification e.g voters card, National ID card, National Identification Number slip if your national ID card isn’t available yet, drivers license or international passport.

3. Upload or attach proof of address e.g most recent PHCN bill or the portion of your bank statement that clearly shows the exact address used for Bank Verification Number(BVN) registration.
N.B: We don’t need your BVN number but just the portion of the address on your bank account and so must show the name of your bank.

4. Upload or attach proof of certification(s) especially if you are an artisan or a professional service provider.

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N.B: By your submission you grant us the right to verify these documents on our own by any means. Please, ensure that the documents you are submitting for your verification are originals to prevent us from banning you from using ServicesTasks and reporting you to relevant law enforcement agencies for investigation and prosecution if found guilty of forgery.

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